Expedition 2014

<h4>Spring expedition</h4>

I did not leave yet and I had an accidente. I broke my nose and crushed my head, when I have been carring my heavy backpacku to house of my parents… The first day I was not sure, if I am able to continue and guide my groupe to Latin amerika, but than I decided, that I managed much more worse situationes and I am continuing … Wish me good luck.

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We will manage this time:

-> 17days (may): Cognitive travel 5countries of Latin America with CK Livingstone clients  (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Urugay, Brazil)

-> 1,5 mes (may, june): Expedition Brazil and Argentina on my own … again (maybe I will change nice suny places for cold patagonia or I will be dancing tango in Buenos Aires … we will see. I do not have big plan as usuall. In the past it always worked :) )